Shut the Door

I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 1 Timothy 2:8 


Don’t be surprised when you come to God with your need and He leads you to do something that may seem beyond belief. That’s, exactly what the widow in 2 Kings 4 may have thought, but her desperate situation called for desperate obedience to God’s instructions. The truth was she had nothing to loose. She had to get out of the desperate place of debt that her deceased husband had left her in and there was simply no room for doubting.

The instructions from Elisha were clear but must have seemed “crazy.” He told her to gather as many pots from her neighborhood and town that she could get her hands on, bring them in her house and start filling them up with oil from the “small jar of oil” she had. Yet there was one simple instruction that we could easily let slip right past us, the reader. Elisha told here to “shut the door” to her home once her and her sons where inside with all those pots.

In fact, in verse 4 we see the instruction to “shut the door” and then in verse 5 it’s mentioned again.  Can’t we just assume that she would shut the door behind her? So, what point could our Heavenly Father be trying to get across to us? I believe its clear. When we need a miracle, or a move of God in our lives we have to “shut the door.”

First we have to shut the door to the naysayers. Her going from door to door must have created some stir and curiosity among the neighbors and towns folk.  And, if they had known what she was attempting to do, who knows how many critic voices would have laughed and told her how crazy she was. Don’t be surprised when everyone isn’t excited about the breakthrough/miracle that your about to step into. She just simply could not afford anyone’s criticism or doubt to get in her mind and detract her from what she was supposed to do.

Secondly, she needed to “shut the door” to her own fear and doubt. There have been many times throughout my life that my doubts and fears kept me from doing what God was telling me to do. It’s often easier to quiet the voice of doubt from the outside than that voice from within. But, to see the miracle and breakthrough we need shutting the door to our own doubts is absolutely a must.

What is the Father telling you to do today to take you from where you are to where you want to be? Whatever that may be, let me encourage you today to “shut the door” to doubt, worry, fear and even the critical tongues around you. Step out in faith today and follow His instructions step by step, and watch your miracle unfold.

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