“Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7

In 2 Samuel 11-12, we see that David committed the two “biggies.” Not only did he commit adultery, which is pretty bad, but he also committed murder. According to the Levitical Law, David should have been drug out to the center of the city and stoned to death. There was no ambiguity in the law when it talked about an “eye for an eye.” And, when David finally did repent for these heinous sins, it wasn’t like he did it on his own. No, he got caught. As the Prophet “read his mail,” David knew he was caught red-handed and there was no denying it. 

Instead of receiving the punishment he deserved, however, David found mercy in the eyes of the Lord. Because the cross was still in the future, God had to punish David for his sins, but even in doing so, God stayed His hand and didn’t give David the full punishment he deserved. Although the baby of David and Bathsheba died, David had peace that comes with the assurance of knowing that his child was in heaven with the Lord and that he would see him one day. And, although trouble would come to David’s household in the future, he had enough confidence in the Lord to know that God would be there with him as he walked through it. David also knew he didn’t have to live with the guilt and shame he so rightly deserved, all because the Lord, through the Prophet Nathaniel, said to him, “the Lord has forgiven you.”

In addition to mercy, David also received restoration from the Lord. Even after these horrible sins, God still granted David a blessing that came in the form of a new son from the same wife, Bathsheba. This son, Solomon, would become the greatest, wisest, wealthiest king in all the earth and he would be the son that would build the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, which was the desire of David’s heart.

Have you seen the Father’s mercy and restoration in your life? I know I sure have! Today, let’s praise Him and thank Him for not giving us what we deserve, mercy, and giving us what we don’t deserve, restoration and grace!


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