The Worshiper In You

“But the time is coming–indeed it’s here now–when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.” John 4:23

If you’re like me you find yourself “looking” for things from time to time. Whether it’s the car keys, a pair of shoes, or a jacket, it just seems to be a part of life. With that thought in mind, it seem so astonishing to think that God could be “looking” for anything. Just the thought that our omniscient, all knowing, Heavenly Father is looking or seeking for anything seems like such a contradiction. But, according to John 4:23 that’s exactly what He does when it comes to a worshiper. He looks for them, and seeks them out.

What’s even more astonishing than to think He could possibly be looking for anything or anyone, is the fact that who He, in the person of Jesus, looked for in this account recorded in John chapter 4. He wasn’t looking or seeking out the most religious minded person. In fact, He had just had a conversation with Nicodemus in the previous chapter, who was himself a member of the Jewish ruling council. No, according to John chapter 4, Jesus went out of His way to seek out a cast away, who we’ve commonly referred to as the “Samaritan Woman.” Do you see the stark contrast?

This woman did not have the pristine reputation that Nicodemus had. In fact, that’s why Jesus knew exactly where and when to find her. She just couldn’t bear all the glares and gossip chatter from the other women in town, and that’s why she purposefully waited until the hottest part of the day to go out and fetch her water from the community well. None of that meant anything to Jesus though. It didn’t bother Jesus at all that she had had five failed marriages and that the man she was currently living with wasn’t even her husband. The only thing that mattered to Him was that He loved her, and He knew that there was a worshiper inside her. That’s what took Him so far out of His way that day.

He knew that if He could just get her to see how much He really cared for her and loved her, that she would get over all her yesterdays and start drawing from a new “Well,” letting her “Worshiper” come out. After taking Him up on His offer of Living Water, not only did she become a “Worshiper” but she also became a “Lifestyle Evangelist.” She went about the town saying, “Come see a Man that’s told me everything I’ve ever done.”

Where did all her shame go you may be wondering? It was all washed away by the “Rivers of Living Water” that came bursting forth from within her.

I don’t know what you stand in need of today, but He does. And I promise you that if you’ll let your “Worshiper” out, He will seek you today. Know that what He seeks, He finds. When He finds you, He brings that “Well of Living Water” with Him that is guaranteed to wash away the pain of yesterday giving you hope for today and the future.

Today’s Thought: As we let our “Worshiper” out, He will seek us and find us.

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