The Voice

And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. 1 Kings 19:12

 It didn’t matter that he had just called fire down from heaven and prophesied a downpour breaking a three year drought. For some reason, one threat from Jezebel sent Elijah reeling. He felt confused, bewildered, depressed, dejected and ready to give up, on the heels of an amazing victory.

We needn’t think that our adversary will just sit idly by and watch us dismantle his kingdom without at least the threat of terror. But the truth is, we have nothing to fear. Yet, so often we allow those loud voices of the critic and hater, inspired by the adversary, to keep us from moving forward and doing what God has called us to do. “The Voice” however is His peaceful “whisper” that keeps repeating what He’s calling us to do over and over in the most gentlest of ways.

When the widow was asked to take what seemed to be her last meal and give it to the prophet of God, she no doubt heard that “gentle whisper,” say “go ahead and trust me with that.” Her obedience to “The Voice” saved her and her son from certain starvation, because the barrel of meal and her cruse of oil never ran dry.

When Elijah threw his mantel on Elisha while he was out plowing in the field with his team of oxen, “The Voice” called him to leave it all behind and follow God. That obedience lead Elisha to have one of the most successful and powerful ministries ever recorded in history.

Recently that “Voice” was leading me to step out in an area that was way out of my comfort zone. All I could see was the potential loss if God didn’t show up and come through, but that “Voice” kept whispering and wouldn’t stop. Finally I gave in and did what I knew He was asking me to do, and I’m so glad I did! Not only did He “come through,” but He exceeded my expectation in the most amazing way.

What has  the “Voice” been calling you to do? Has the “Voice” been calling you to give? Has the “Voice” been calling you to love someone who isn’t easy to love? Has the “Voice” been calling you to believe for something that seems impossible?

Whatever that “Gentle Whisper” is calling you to do today, step out. Go for it! Dive in! Just do it! You won’t regret it and most likely, you’ll be amazed!


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