Take It To Him

In the day of my trouble I will call upon You, For You will answer me. Psalm 86:7

I can only imagine the excitement and elation the woman in 2 Kings 4 must have felt as she held in her arms the child she never thought she would have. As she made room for Elisha, God made room for her. Building a room onto her home for Elisha to stay whenever he passed through her town was extra ordinary, and as a result God gave her the extra ordinary blessing of having her own child, a dream she had most likely given up on.

Life must have been great watching that baby grow into boyhood, until “it” happened. One day this little lad went out to see his father in the field working and he began to complain that his head was hurting. A worker rushed the boy back to the house where he passed away right there in his mothers arms.

I thank the Lord that I’ve never experienced the loss of a child. A dear friend of mine who lost his son in an auto accident said to me once that parents that have lost a child have a special understanding and bond, because they’ve experienced a pain that not many can relate to. He said, “it’s a fraternity you don’t wont to be a member of.” I can only imagine the immediate grief and shock she must have felt, but what amazes me is how she responded.

She took that little boy’s lifeless body up to the room she had built for Elisha and laid him on Elisha’s bed. She then mounted a donkey and set out to find Elisha, all the while thinking, “I didn’t ask for this boy, even though I wanted him with all my heart, so I’m going back to where this all started.”

When faced with a loss do we just through in the towel, or do we “Take it to God?” I’m not saying that everything is going to go exactly the way you want it to even if you do take it to Him. But, by taking that problem, loss, pain, or disappointment to your Heavenly Father, you’re giving Him the opportunity to step in. We’re allowing Him to be God in our life and in our circumstance.

I’ve experienced loss and disappointment as I’m sure you have, but when I take it to Him, there’s an assurance that always floods my heart. It’s a truth that rises up in me and brings me peace, and that is that “All things will work together for good.” Translated that means it will always “turn out for good on my behalf.” That doesn’t mean that the circumstance is good, but it does mean that God is good. And, no matter the circumstance or situation by “taking it to Him” I know I can trust Him with the outcome.

Today, no matter the circumstance or situation, take it to Him.

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