Persistent Faith

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.  Galatians 6:9 defines Persistence as: 1. Persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc., persevering: 2. Lasting or enduring tenaciously: 3. Constantly repeated. Google defines Persistence as “continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” And, it was that kind of “Persistent Faith,” that the mother in 2 Kings 4 had.

The deepest desire of her heart had been fulfilled and now he laid lifeless on the bed of the Prophet Elisha in the room her and her husband had built. It was that seed that she had sewn of building on a room to her home for the Prophet to stay whenever he passed through her town that led to her blessing of that little boy’s birth. But now, out of nowhere, the enemy had come to take her blessing, as the little lad had suffered from what appeared to most likely be a brain aneurysm.

This mother’s faith however was tenacious and persistent, in spite of what seemed so devastating. Not only did she watch her words at this most crucial moment, but she also wasn’t about to settle for anything less than the miracle she needed.  That persistence lead Elisha to follow her back to her home, and seek God for this boy’s lifeless body to return to life. And yes, he did come back to life.

We don’t know everything, and as Paul said, “we prophesy in part and we know in part.” I have certainly missed it at times in my life, thinking I knew something God had said to me when in actuality I had missed it, but more often I’ve not missed it. There have been times that I “knew that I knew” God had spoken something to me or lead me down a path that I knew with all my heart; He wanted me to reach the end of.

What seems dead in your life today? Is there something that “you know that you know” came from Him and now seems lost forever?  If so, let me encourage you today to be persistent in your faith. Don’t lose hope, give up, or grow weary! If it’s truly from Him, and you refuse to allow factual circumstance to deter you, you will reap!!

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  1. Awesome. I needed this very much. I have ALS and I ambelieving for a healing from the Great Physician.

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