Don’t Doubt Your Cast

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

I’ld never consider myself a great fisherman. In fact bottom fishing and fishing with a cork are the only two types of fishing I’ve had much success with. I can’t tell you anything about the latest lure, or the best artificial bate, jig etc to catch the “big one,” and to be quite honest I’m okay with that. While I have some friends that are what I would consider “serious anglers,” I’m not and that’s okay. I just find that the peace and relaxation that comes with fishing soothes the mind and brings rest to the soul. There’s nothing quiet like being on the water or on the shore with a line in.

Recently while enjoying the gentle breeze and the bright sunshine of a beautiful Eastern North Carolina afternoon, I learned a great lesson. I was starting to get frustrated with myself because I wasn’t casting my line in the exact place I wanted it to go, when I heard His still small voice inside me say “quit doubting your cast.” I felt He was using the object lesson of fishing to teach me a valuable lesson on how to cast my cares on Him and frankly, it made a lot of sense.

Have you ever prayed and asked the Father to take care of something or some situation that you’veĀ  been worried or anxious about and then immediately found yourself doubting or wondering weather or not it worked? I know I have plenty of times. And yet, that’s exactly what I felt His Spirit was teaching me. I felt He was telling me, in the genteelness that comes through His still small voice, to stop doubting my cast. To stop worrying about it once I cast my care one Him. That He simply wanted me to cast my care one Him and leave it there for Him to do the work.

Just like that, I did that with my fishing line. It wasn’t my best cast, but I decided to leave it right there and be patient and within no time I had a bite.

Let me encourage you today to “Cast all your anxiety on him.” His care and love for you is so deep and vast that He wants us to cast all of our cares, no matter how big or how small. Today, cast it as best you can and then resists the need to worry about it anymore. And, as you wait patiently on Him, your answer or breakthrough will surly come.

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