Luke 9:35

Then a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, my Chosen One. Listen to him.”

When we need advice, there’s a vastness of voices out there. On any one topic or subject, you can find plenty of opinions just in your circle of friends and family, not to mention Google. You can usually find good advice from many experts on a topic just by typing in a phrase or key word, or just asking Siri. But of all the voices out there, there’s one voice above them all – Jesus. The Father made a distinction with Jesus that set Him apart from all the rest when He declared that Jesus was His Son, and the advice that followed was to “listen to Him.” 

One of the great things about Him that we see in the Book of James is that He is always willing to hear from us. We can come to Him anytime we need advice or direction and He’s always willing and ready to give us direction without condemnation for not knowing the answers. 

Abraham’s servant needed direction when faced with the huge task of finding a wife for Isaac, and God answered in an amazing way. The disciples had no idea what to do when the crowd of thousands needed to be fed, so they asked Jesus what to do. What followed was detailed instructions that lead to a bountiful supply. 

Today, if you have questions or need direction, ask the One who knows all and Who is so willing to answer. 

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