Genesis 27:33

“And yes, that blessing must stand!”

Isaac and Esau were both in shock when they discovered that Jacob had tricked his father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing that had been reserved for his older brother, Esau. It was just plain and simply through a bold-faced lie that Jacob tricked his father, at the request of his mother Rebekah. Mom had hatched the plan, but Jacob, meaning deceiver or trickster, went along with the scheme.

No matter how loud Esau wailed or how much he begged his father, there was simply nothing Isaac could do. The blessing had been given to Jacob and the blessing must stand. Even given the fact that the blessing was released through such awful trickery and deceit, it simply didn’t matter. Once the blessing was released it could not be withdrawn, recanted or reversed. 

You and I have been given an irreversible blessing as well. Paul tells us in Romans 11:29 that, “The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.” The word gifts here is the Greek word “charisma” and means “grace.” You and I don’t have to worry about God’s grace, unmerited favor and blessing, being removed or revoked from our lives based on our behavior or conduct, and personally I am very grateful for that. 

That doesn’t mean that we can have an attitude of, “I can just go around doing any and everything I want.”  No, if we are truly born again, even when we fall, our deepest desire is to get back to the place of fellowship with Him. But the great news is we don’t have to worry that we will somehow lose God’s grace and blessing on our lives any time we may stumble along the way. We can be secure in knowing that God’s grace and blessing on our lives aren’t based on what we do or don’t do, but on who we are in Him.

Today, may you walk in rest and peace knowing that the grace, blessing, favor and love of God on your life is simply irreversible!

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