The Plan

Exodus 3:14

God replied to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people Israel: I AM has sent me to you.”

Have you ever been on a mission to do something you know God has called you to do, but instead of things going along as planned they seem to go in the wrong direction? Such was the case with Moses. He was just doing what God had called him to do, yet things went in the wrong direction fast. 

Instead of Pharaoh receiving Moses’ request to let the Children of Israel go worship the Lord, Pharaoh cranked up the abuse of the Hebrew slaves. Now, everyone except Aaron had turned against Moses and Moses took it to the Lord.

What Moses could not see was that it was all in God’s grand plan. Pharaoh’s heart would have to be hardened so that God could show the entire world that He was indeed I AM. The name I AM in Hebrew is the word “Hayah”and means “to come to pass.”

God had a plan to redeem mankind through His Son, and similar to Moses’ situation, in Jesus’ own life, it looked as if everything was going wrong. Even though it didn’t seem like it in the moment, just as the Children of Israel would have a successful exodus from Egypt, so Jesus would exit the grave all according to God’s glorious plan of redemption. 

When at times things may look as though they’re not going as planned, remember I AM is on your side and because He is at work on your behalf, His plan for you will surely come to pass. 

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