The Master “One-Upper”

“So beginning with this same Scripture, Philip told him the Good News about Jesus.” Act 8:36

The Gospel was starting to spread like wildfire, but it wasn’t necessarily by choice. The early Church was coming under great persecution by the religious leaders, so they began to spread out, leaving Jerusalem. But everywhere they went, they took the Gospel with them. Judea, Samaria, and towns along the way were hearing the Good News for the first time, and “Great Joy” was filling the cities and villages. 

You would think that after a while our adversary would finally get it. You would think that the devil would finally realize that every time he makes a move to do something evil, our Heavenly Father always makes another move and turns it for good. Romans 8:28, along with other scriptures, are prime examples of this truth. 

God even set up a Divine Appointment for an Ethiopian Eunuch. He had traveled from Ethiopia to Jerusalem to worship, and on his way home he was reading Messianic scripture from the Book of Isaiah. God miraculously “beamed up” Phillip, who shared the Good News with this man, and after he was baptized, God “beamed” Phillip away again. 

Ethiopia was the nation where the Queen of Sheba had come from to visit King Solomon. She was so moved on her visit that she began to worship the “One True God” and took her new-found Faith back to her people. Now, hundreds of years later, God set it up for this Ethiopian Eunuch to hear the “rest of the story” about the Gospel through Jesus Christ the Messiah. Whenever you find yourself in a place where it seems like the adversary is working overtime in your life, just remember you have the “Master One-Upper” on your side, our Heavenly Father.

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