“Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.”  Psalm 23:6

We’ve all had those seasons in life when we were going through something and it seemed as if God was a million miles away. Maybe a health battle, a battle with depression, a personal or business financial crisis, or even a strained relationship that brought us great concern. Sometimes in those seasons, even if we never verbalized it, we may have thought “Where is God in all of this?” David was one who could certainly relate as he clearly expressed in Psalm 22, where he asked those very same questions.

David faced some difficult challenges in his life and some were even a result of his own doing. There were moments when David felt as if he was all alone and that God was nowhere to be found. But, in spite of those feelings, there were some things that David knew deep down. Even though there were times he couldn’t see God, David knew, deep in his heart, that God was there. Despite what it looked like or how it felt, he knew that God was still watching over him and taking care of him like a good shepherd. 

As a shepherd himself, David knew that sheep have the tendency to wander, and out there on the fringe of the flock, they can find themselves alone and in perilous places. But as a shepherd, David also knew he never let his sheep get too far away. He always managed to keep his eye on them, even if from a distance. As the shepherd of his own flock It was always David’s desire to keep them safe, well fed and cared for. 

That’s why David could so easily pen the words of Psalm 23. What David knew, despite what it felt like at times, was that his Heavenly Father was better than the best shepherd and that God’s goodness and mercy always pursued him. 

As a believer in Jesus, we share that very same Shepherd. Today, relax and rest in the care of your Good Shepherd. 

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