“Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens;
 your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.” Psalm 35:5

My in-laws, my wife, and I were all sitting around the table enjoying dinner together and my mother-in law asked me a question, which I really can’t even remember, and 45 minutes later I wrapped up the answer. LOL! Somewhat apologetically, and feeling a little embarrassed, I told them I was sorry for going into such a long story, to which they were very kind and said they really enjoyed hearing every detail. It all left me feeling unsure of who may have gotten more out of that story, them or me, because afterward I felt charged and full of faith. It was a story I hadn’t told in a while, and just sharing the details of my own personally testimony, which my in-laws had never heard before, really made me excited. 

That’s exactly what Moses did too. In the first few chapters of Deuteronomy, he recalled everything God had done for the Children of Israel. Deuteronomy 4:35 says,“He showed you these things so you would know that the Lord is God and there is no other.”  God wanted Moses to tell this second generation of Hebrews what God had done for them; how He had been with them, fed them, gave them plenty of water, and worked through them to defeat the nations that came out to attack them. 

They needed to hear every single detail because they would need faith to cross over the Jordon and enter into the land He had promised them. When they faced the well-fortified cities and the armies much bigger than them, they would need to know that if God had done it before, then they could have confidence in knowing He would do it again. 

Today, recall what God has done for you and let your faith be charged!

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