“Abba, Father,” He cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” Mark 14:36

Have you ever had those moments in life when things were expanding, yet with that came intense pressure and challenges? Moments when you knew you were headed in the right direction, but things were coming against you and the pressure seemed super intense? Deep inside you knew you were on the right track, but at the same time you were experiencing opposition that came at you from multiple directions all at once.

That’s usually a sign that, YES, you are right in the center of God’s plan and purpose, yet your adversary is doing everything he can to stop you dead in your tracks. It can feel overwhelming, and that’s exactly the enemy’s tactic. It’s in those seasons of “going to the next level” that the devil works overtime to stop us. 

As Jesus was getting close to the completion of His earthly ministry, He was suddenly bombarded from every side, even from within. The very ones that had sworn their allegiance to Him and promised they would never leave His side began to scatter, and in Peter’s case, even to the point of denying he ever knew Jesus. 

Even though you know what’s happening and why, these moments in life can be hard and extremely hurtful. In these times, however, there can also be a peace and solace that comes in knowing that you’re in the very center of God’s will and plan. Despite any attacks of the enemy from without or within, His plan and will is still the safest place we can possible be! 

Today, be encouraged knowing that the old adage really is true; “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Don’t give up in this moment because breakthrough and victory are just around the corner!  The pain and pressure you may be experiencing now will pale when compared to the joy you are so close to stepping into. 

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