“For, ‘Who can know the Lord’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?’   But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

The US Navy had to figure out a way to keep the Japanese from intercepting their codes. As the Marines were on shore fighting the fierce Japanese forces in World War 2, they would radio back to the ships to direct Naval gunfire onto targets ahead of them. The Japanese would intercept those radio transmissions and their forces would move out of the target area, thus dragging out battles and causing the deaths of more Americans. 

A Marine by the name of Phillip Johnston, although not Navajo himself, had grown up near a Navajo reservation and recommended recruiting Navajo Native Americans for just this purpose. The Navaho recruits were trained Marines just like every other, but in addition, they developed skills in coordinates, navigation, and artillery fire and direction.

One Navajo Marine Code Talker would stay onboard the ship while another would be ashore with the other troops, calling out coordinates to direct Naval gunfire. The Japanese had absolutely no idea what to do. They couldn’t understand for the life of them what these Marines were saying and were, therefore, complete devastated and annihilate from every direction.

The world around us has absolutely no idea concerning the things of the Spirit. When we talk about the things of God in their presence, it’s as if we are speaking a foreign language to them. Even for us as believers, the “things of the Spirit” can seem odd. You mean that it’s really true that in the Kingdom of God you get more when you give away what you have? Absolutely! And yes, that kind of language is foreign to the world.

Paul encourages us to stay in the Spirit so that we can discern the things that the Spirit wants to show and teach us. God, through His Spirit, wants to develop and mature us in our faith, taking us from glory, to glory, to glory in Him. 

Today, let us keep our spiritual ears tuned into the frequency of the Spirit so that, having the mind of Christ, we will continually grow in Him. 

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