“Then the Spirit of God came powerfully upon Saul, and he became very angry.” 1 Samuel 11:6

What makes you angry? Hopefully it takes more than getting cut off in traffic or being behind a slow driver. And yes, in this I’ve revealed a personal trigger point. Certainly not to the point of road-rage by any means, but nothing gets me more irritated than being stuck behind a slow driver driving in the fast lane while refusing to merge to the right lane. If that’s you, then please don’t get upset with me if I politely flash my lights at you, followed by passing you in the slow lane while giving you a horn honk. In the south we call that a “horn cussing,” LOL!

Ok, what really makes you angry and not just irritated? It’s an important question for us because our righteous anger could actually reveal our calling. Does it make you angry when you see starving children on those commercials asking for your donation? If so, the Lord may actually be calling you to take it a step further by getting involved or even launching some type of feeding ministry. Does it anger you to see people blatantly breaking the law, and do you see yourself wanting to protect and serve? Then maybe your calling is to law enforcement. 

For me, righteous anger is stirred when I see people being kept from the true Gospel of Grace, through the guides of religion and tradition, and seeing them miss out on all those things Jesus provided for us through the cross, that not only provide for us an eternal home in heaven, but abundant living here on earth. 

“Righteous anger” isn’t man-made anger or a temper problem, its anger given to us by the Lord that He uses to call us to action. Thus, was the case for Saul in 1 Samuel 11. He was doing everything he could to avoid being Israel’s first king and had returned to plowing in the fields, but when he heard about what the Ammonites had done to some in the region, and what King Nahash was threatening to do to the Israelite citizens of Jabesh, the Holy Spirit came upon Saul and his anger was stirred. God used that in Saul’s life to lead him into accepting his position as king.

Paul had that same kind of righteous anger stirred up within himself as he saw what he called some “super apostles” doing as they attempted to lead God’s people away from the Gospel of Grace.

Today, let’s allow the Lord to guide us in the calling that He has for us, even if He uses righteous anger to do it. 

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