“What more can I say to you about the way you have honored me? You know what your servant is really like.” 1 Chronicles 17:18

Most everyone loves a “come from behind victory” and Tiger Woods gave the world just that as he won his 5ThMasters! It’s been done before, but not by someone who’s had such a storied past and has overcome some many personal and professional obstacles.  

Brad Jackson with The writes, “For a man who thought just a few years ago that he might never play the game of golf again because of intense back pain, this is truly a comeback for the ages. Over the last decade he’s endured painful surgeries, front-page scandals, and stresses that only the country’s most popular athlete can face.”

In 2 Samuel chapter seven, the Lord reminded David of his own “come from behind story” and that it wasn’t for his abundant ability that God had chosen him to be king.  David was considered the least of Jesse’s sons all the way back from his sheep herding days, but he found favor with the Lord because his heart was “after the Lord.” David loved serving and loving on the Lord and David also took God seriously at His word. 

 2 Samuel 7:1-2 says, “When King David was settled in his palace and the Lord had given him rest from all the surrounding enemies, the king summoned Nathan the prophet. “Look,” David said, “I am living in a beautiful cedar palace, but the Ark of God is out there in a tent!” David had it in his heart to build the Lord a house, and this thought so pleased the Lord that He made a promise to David. The Lord told David that his family would be a dynasty in Israel and that one of his decedents would always be on the throne. David was overwhelmed and replied, “What more can I say to you about the way you have honored me? You know what your servant is really like.”

Jesus also makes it clear in Matthew 20:16 that, in His kingdom, it’s the last who will be first and the first will find themselves last. It’s only with a heart toward the Lord, His word and His promises that one can be brought from last place to first.

Today, let’s keep our eyes and hearts on Jesus, His Kingdom and His loving grace and mercy, knowing that it’s not due to our goodness that we are put in first place, but because of His.

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