“So Joab told the king what Absalom had said. Then at last David summoned Absalom, who came and bowed low before the king, and the king kissed him.” 2 Samuel 14:33 

Family tension can be the worst. When one family member won’t speak to another, or even come around, it can put a damper on everyone. Being forced to pick sides isn’t easy either, especially when you see things from both sides. That’s exactly the situation David’s family was in. 

In 2 Samuel 13-14, we see the whole story of how Jonadab became fixated on and obsessed with the beauty of Tamar, who happened to be his half-sister, and who’s brothers was Absalom, all sharing the same father David. Jonadab’s uncontrolled lust led him to hatch a plan that placed him alone with Tamar, where he took advantage of her trust and innocence, taking from her what didn’t belong to him, and thus putting the worst possible shame upon Tamar. Hearing the news, Absalom took his sister in, but also took in a hatred toward Jonadab.  He waited for the opportunity to avenge his sister, which came two years later. 

David boiled with angry at the news of Jonadab’s death, causing Absalom to flee. He would have stayed away for the rest of his life had it not been for the intersession of Joab. Joab tried several times to reason with David about forgiving Absalom and allowing him to come back home, but David, though he missed his son greatly, wouldn’t have it. When Joab finally came up with an approach that got through to David, Absalom was allowed to return home, but was still not allowed into the presence of the King. 

At Absalom’s insistent and creative request, Joab interceded again, and Absalom was allowed to see the king. In 2 Samuel 14:33 we see that when Absalom came into David’s presence, he was kissed by the king. 

You and I have had One intercede for us as well, and his name is Jesus. Although we may not have blood on our hands, all of our sins combined should have kept us away from our Heavenly Father forever, and had it not been for the intercession of Jesus, such would be our lot. His blood was offered as the “once and for all” sacrifice we needed to bring us into fellowship with the Father, and even today Jesus sits at the Father’s right-hand interceding on our behalf

Today, we can be thankful that because of His ever interceding we can be kissed by the King’s love, grace and mercy every single day. 

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