“The people rejoiced over the offerings, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord, and King David was filled with joy.”  1 Chronicles 29:9

In 1 Kings 2 and 2 Chronicles 29, King David comes to the end of his life here on earth. His reign over Israel as their second king had been a long and fruitful period. 1 Chronicles 29:28 says,“He died at a ripe old age, having enjoyed long life, wealth, and honor. Then his son Solomon ruled in his place.”

Just as Solomon was about to take the helm, his father David offered him some great advice. David told Solomon to follow the Lord’s decrees as handed down through the Law of Moses, to put God first in everything he did, and to seek the Lord with his whole heart. Then David gave Solomon advice, not with words, but rather in demonstration. David showed Solomon how to be a giver.

David opened up his own personal treasure and gave abundantly to the Lord toward the building of the temple. Then, David asked the people to look in their hearts and give as they felt led. What happened next was amazing. Even more than when the Children of Israel gave in the desert toward the building of the tabernacle, David’s leaders and the people gave bountifully. Out of their hearts they gave more than was necessary for the building of the new Temple, and it pleased the Lord greatly.

David wasn’t about to ask the people to do something he wasn’t willing to do himself, and in doing so he made a lasting impression on his young son. I’m sure the advice David passed on to Solomon through this demonstration was something he would never forget. 

Today, let’s give. Not begrudgingly or out of coercion, but as Paul said, from a willing heart of gratitude and thanksgiving for all the Father has done in and through our lives. 

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