One Thing

 “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42

So, what’s on your “To Do List” today? If you’re like most folks, the list is long and continually growing, especially if you’re a mom. At current count, my list stands at 18 tasks and counting. But, of all the things that are on the list of things you need to do today, what is that “One Thing” that you deem most important? What if I told you that there is “One Thing,” that if it were at the top of your list would make everything else go smoother and better for you today? You may wonder, is that even possible? What if this “One Thing,” if completed first, not only made everything else go smoother, but also gave you a lasting peace throughout your day, kept you in the “hope zone” and helped you be less anxious, worried and even less tired and fatigued? In fact, if this “One Thing” could be bottled or packaged up in a pill or potion, I’m sure someone would make billions.

Well, there is such a “Thing” and it’s the “One Thing” that Mary discovered in Luke chapter 10. While her sister Martha was so uptight, trying to get everything done to accommodate a house full of guest to include Jesus Himself, Mary was sitting at His feet taking in everything He had to say. Mary was making spending time with Jesus and being in His presence the “One Thing” that took priority above everything else. And, Jesus said in doing so, she had discovered that the “One Thing” was the most important thing of all.

It’s not that the other numerous things on our lists aren’t important, because certainly they are, but the “One Thing” that’s the most important and beneficial to us is spending time with Him. Let me encourage you to put this “One Thing” at the top of your list today, and everything else will find its place. 

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