The Cry

“Now hear my prayer; listen to my cry.” Psalm 88:2 

Have you ever just had a big ole cry? You know, one that comes from the very depths of your being, either from a broken heart or desperate need? The words penned by the Psalmist, Jesus’ description of end times, and the plight of the Egyptians all looked pretty dark and bleak. Desperate situations can cause one to pray and cry out to God from the depths of despair. And, it can seem in those dark moments that God is nowhere to be found and that our cries for help fall to the ground, but such is not the case. 

Exodus 2:23 tells us that the “Hebrews groaned under the burden of slavery and cried out for help, and their cries rose up to God.” Verses 24 and 25 say, “God heard their groanings, and He remembered his covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.”

In those dark moments and times in our lives, it can seem as if we are forgotten and alone, but what we so often cannot see is God’s hand of provision and care working behind the scenes on our behalf. Such was the case with Moses’ family. As the order had been given by Pharaoh to throw all Hebrew baby boys into the Nile, Moses’ mom made a small ark and placed him in it.  Then she released him into the murky waters of the river. Don’t you know that as she did this her heart cried out in pain, but still, by faith, she released Moses into God’s care. 

It was certainly no coincidence that Pharaoh’s daughter was soon at the river to bathe and came across little Moses in the ark. His little cries must have touched her heart, because not only did she rescue him, but she accepted the offer of Moses’ older sister to fetch a Hebrew woman to care for and nurse the baby, who “just so happened to be his mother.”

God hears our desperate cries and He certainly knows how to work out all the details to bring us to the place of victory and provision He has for us. Even in those dark times and through those deep cries, know today that He hears and cares. 

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