“No one is holy like the Lord! There is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.”  1 Samuel 2:2

It was one of those beautiful, spring nights here in Eastern North Carolina. My wife and I had just enjoyed a nice dinner at one of our favorite water view eateries and were now enjoying the scenery at the riverfront park across the street. As we walked out to the end of a pier, I commented about the beautiful orange sunset colors that were dancing off the river and then I said to her, “You see that spot over there?” I was pointing back to the shoreline to a particular place where I had spent some special moments with the Lord in prayer. I said, “That’s one of the places where I prayed for you, asking the Lord to bring you into my life.” The thought hit me as I said those words, “Here I am, years later, standing on this pier with my ‘answer to those prayers’ right beside me.” My heart flooded with thoughts of gratitude as I stood there in awe of the Lord’s faithfulness in answering prayer, and especially those heartfelt prayers filled with tears.

In 1 Samuel chapter one, we see that those are the kind of prayers Hannah prayed as she poured out her heart to God, asking Him to give her a son. On one particular occasion, as she was praying those tearful, heartfelt prayers in the Temple, the priest, Eli, mistook her as someone having too much to drink and rebuked her. His rebuke was quickly replaced with a blessing as she told him that she was just praying in earnest.

In verse nineteen of that same chapter, we see two things. The first is that God remembered her prayer, and the second is that in “due time” the answer to those prayers, a son, was born.

What have you earnestly sought the Lord for in prayer? Today, don’t lose hope, but instead keep your faith and trust in the Rock of your Salvation and remember that He is faithful and that in due time He’ll remember.

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