The Salt Life

“And the water has remained pure ever since, just as Elisha said.” 2 Kings 2:22

In my part of the country, there’s a popular brand that’s seen on car decals, but also on shirts, jackets, hats and all kinds of apparel. “Salt Life” appeals to folks who love being close to the saltwater which, for our area, is abundant. For me there’s nothing like the smell of the ocean breeze. Whether it’s a day spent at the beach or on the boat, “salt therapy” is a real thing and can make a big difference in one’s life. For me a day spent on or near the water is like pushing a reset button, helping me relax, refresh, and clear my mind. As great as all that may be in the natural, even more we are all in need of the kind of “salt life” that only God can bring.

In 2 Kings 2 we see that the very first miracle at the hands of Elisha was turning a deadly flow of water into a life-giving flow by adding salt. Salt in scripture can carry many symbols and meanings, and one most often is that of purification. God can take a life plagued with bitterness, death, defeat and bareness and turn it into a life source of purity. He does this by His Spirit and His word as we allow His supernatural salt to be applied to our lives. And, just like the popular stickers suggest, this must be for us a lifestyle.

Today, let the salt of His life penetrate the waters of your heart and soul so that you, and those around you, may be refreshed.

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