Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? Amos 3:3

 We’ve all been given a Divine task, assignment and/or purpose here on earth, and the truth is it’s impossible to accomplish it alone. Whether your assignment is to raise godly children, be a godly CEO of a corporation, or whatever your calling may be, you and I are going to always need the help of others in this endeavor. Thankfully God sends us those folks which may come in the form of a husband, a vice president and so on. These are “right hand” people sent by our Heavenly Father Himself to help us accomplish the mission He has given us. These people are invaluable and make a huge difference in our lives, especially when it comes to accomplishing our Heavenly purpose.

What’s interesting is, just as we need those people in our lives, we ourselves are that same person to someone else. Just as we need them, they, or someone else needs us and God’s plan is that we work and walk together in helping each other fulfill the assignment God has given us.

The key here is in “walking together.” Not everyone is “your person.” Not everyone is the person assigned to you and or you to them, and the easy way to know this is found in “agreement.” Amos 3:3 says “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” Agreement is the key to a successful partnership and without it we are doomed to failure and heartache, of which the Apostle Paul knew all too well. In 2 Timothy 4, Paul expresses the frustration and heartache he felt as one by one those close to him left, all except Timothy. All the others just simply weren’t in “agreement” with where Paul was and where God had called him to go, yet he knew he could count on Timothy.

Today, celebrate the ones or one in your life that God has given you to help you fulfill your Devine destiny, and gladly be “the one” to the one or ones He has called you to.

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