“Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!” Psalm 144:15b

During the height of election season, politicians make a lot of promises. And, regardless of who wins, only about half of the electorate is happy, while the other half is usually very unhappy. In addition, a portion of those voting for the winning candidate can find themselves in the unhappy group if the person they voted for doesn’t keep the promises they campaigned on, which can often lead to a one term politician.

On the contrary, according to Psalm 144:15b, those who put their trust in the LORD are “happy indeed,” simply because the LORD never disappoints or fails. Now if you’re wondering why I’m choosing to write the word “LORD” in all caps here, I can promise you it’s not a grammatical error. So why “LORD?” It’s simple. Everywhere we see “LORD” written in all caps it’s because the writer is speaking of Yehovah, or as we pronounce it in English, Jehovah.

This word Jehovah, or LORD, is defined as the “existing one” or The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. The word LORD, or Jehovah, has come to be known as “the God or LORD who is.” As in, the LORD who is to us what we need, made possible by covenant.

When Abraham needed God to provide the sacrifice on the hill where he offered his son, the LORD showed up as Jehovah Jireh, meaning “God will provide.” When the Children of Israel needed victory over the enemies that surrounded them, the LORD became to them Jehovah Nissi, “My banner of victory.” When the people of God needed healing, the LORD became Jehovah Rapha, “The God who heals.”

The LORD made sure He would always be for us what we need by sending His Son Jesus whose name means Jesus = “Jehovah is salvation.”

Today, you and I can remain in the group of happy and joyful people because, as our LORD, God is always faithful to keep His promises to us.

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