The king proclaims the Lord’s decree: The Lord said to me, ‘You are my so Today I have become your Father’.” Psalm 2:7

Just before their banishment from the Garden of Eden, God pronounced a curse upon Satan and Eve in Genesis 3:15. But in God’s graciousness, a promise was found in that curse. That promise was Jesus, the “Seed,” who would one day come through Eve’s bloodline and the Savior who John the Baptist prepared the way for.

Satan, in all his cleverness, couldn’t figure out who that Seed was. At first, he thought it was Abel because Abel’s sacrifice had been accepted by the Lord. So, he entered Cain’s heart, and thus the first murder took place. Later at the announcement of the Magi that the “King of the Jews” had been born in Bethlehem, Satan again entered the heart of Herod and all the baby boys in Bethlehem were killed.

Today, we can invite the Seed of God into every area of our lives, knowing that, because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross, Satan can’t steal our Seed. Jesus dealt the final blow to Satan by crushing his head once and for all so that, through God’s grace, we can live in victory.

Today, allow the Seed of God to take root in every area of your life, allowing Him to flourish in you and through you for His glory.

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