“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 36:5

 It was just a regular afternoon at the Powell home when, suddenly, Aimee began to complain about a severe headache that continued to worsen. As the excruciating pain became more than she could bear, her husband, Mac, dialed 911 for help. Aimee was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered she was having a brain aneurysm and they began to take immediate steps to stop the bleeding by putting two coils in her brain.

All Mac knew to do was to cry out to the Lord in prayer and to reach out to friends and family to join him in praying for Aimee. As the lead singer for the Christian band Third Day, Mac Powell had spoken and sung for years about the goodness, faithfulness and love of God. In fact, one of their biggest songs recorded back in 1999 titled “Your Love Oh Lord” is taken from Psalm 36:5-6. And, on this particular day, those lyrics would become more than a song, but the foundation for Mac’s cry.

As Mac poured out his heart to the Father, and the prayers of others joined in with his, he saw with his own eyes the miracle he was asking and believing God for. Within 14 days, Aimee left the hospital as doctors were amazed that she was recovering faster and better than they could have anticipated.

Today, you can know that your Heavenly Father’s love is higher than the heavens and His faithfulness reaches beyond the skies. It is from that foundation of love that you and I can bring to Him our cares, needs and desires, knowing that He hears and answers prayer!

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