“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.” Psalm 62:1

 In the world of instant messenger, instant noodles, and instant coffee (yuck) waiting can be a hard thing to have to deal with. Waiting is that period in between “the asking” and “the receiving,” that can test one’s faith. And it’s in the waiting that some lose faith and pull away from the God they have trusted.

Such was the case with John Waller, a hopeful musician who wanted so desperately to get his break into the music business, which he felt had been a promise from the Lord, but the waiting seemed to never end. Some dear friends in the church where he was serving as a worship minister came together to raise money for John to record a professional album, and after sending the album off to various record labels, nothing happened. Weeks turned into months as depression was starting to kick in. The depression for which John had sought deliverance from years earlier, and had experienced breakthrough, was now trying to make its way back in. While out for coffee with a friend one day, John’s friend told him that he just needed to be faithful right where he was, serving God and worshiping God until what he was waiting for came to pass. John took that advice to heart, and from that wrote a song titled, “While I’m Waiting,” which he soon recorded.

Not long after, and much to John’s surprise, one day he received a message that his song, “While I’m Waiting,” had been chosen as the theme song for an upcoming movie, Fireproof, staring Kirk Cameron. Fireproof became the number four overall film in 2008 and the highest-grossing independent film of that year.

David, the writer of Psalm 62 knew a thing or two about waiting, and in verse two we see what David held onto during his wait – “The Rock,” the Lord Himself.

Today, if you find yourself waiting on the Lord for your Salvation, take the advice that John Waller took and keep serving the Lord, worshiping Him while you wait, knowing your Salvation will surely come.

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