“So God Sent back the same man his people had previously rejected…” Acts 7:35a

Rocky Bleier was living the dream.  The Notre Dame football team he played for had just won the National Championship and he was drafted by his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.  However, after finishing his rookie season with the Steelers in 1964, he was drafted again, only this time into the U.S. Army.

On August 20th, 1969, he was on patrol with his platoon when they were attacked.  Rocky was shot in the leg.  While on the ground from the gunshot wound, a grenade went off next to him sending over 100 pieces of shrapnel into Rocky.  He crawled through the rice patties and, with some help, made it to a safety.  During surgery to remove the shrapnel and fix his wounds, the doctors discovered that he had also lost part of his right foot.  Rocky was told that, although he might be able to walk one day, he would never play football again.

During his recovery in Japan, Rocky received a post card from Steeler’s owner Art Rooney that said, “Rock – the team’s not doing well.  We need you. Art Rooney”.  That postcard provided Rocky with the motivation to get moving again.  Rocky made a comeback for the ages when just a few years later he not only play for the Steelers again, but helped lead them to 4 Super Bowl titles.

Everyone loves a comeback story and that’s exactly what we find in Acts 7 as Paul tells the story of Moses.  Not only had Moses been written off by the Israelites but he had no doubt written off his own ability to be used by God as he makes his home in the desert.

God, however, had other plans for Moses.  He wanted to use Moses to rescue His people and show His power and might through man that everyone else had written off.

God wasn’t finished with Moses and He’s not finished with you.  Wherever you find yourself out today, know this: we’re not the only ones who loves a comeback story, God loves one too.

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