“So, the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect.”  Acts 19:20 

 God’s intent and design for mankind has been, and always will be, good. In fact, in any area where the Gospel Message has been proclaimed and received, those same areas have prospered. One such example can be seen in the joint island nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The same island, yet the distinction is clear. Haiti as a whole has rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the practice of witch craft and the occult have had major strongholds on the nation for generations. There have even been major heads of state and political leaders who have publicly rejected Christianity and embraced the occult. And, as a whole Haiti has suffered with poverty and disease on a mass scale. The Dominican Republic, however, as a whole, has accepted the Gospel and, as a result, is a prosperous country, rich in agriculture, tourism and more. You can just simply look at a satellite image of the Island and see the most notable difference. One half of the island seems rich and green while the other half seems barren.

In Ephesus Paul shares the Gospel  it was received by many and, as Acts 19:20 says, it had a “powerful effect.” We all go through challenges at times, but even so, I can thank God today for the “powerful effect” the Gospel has had on my own personal life, and if you’re a Believer, I’m sure you can agree. Allow the Good News to keep affecting your life in a powerful way and, as you do, others will see His effect on you.

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