“Then he said to me, “This is what the LORD says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.” Zechariah 4:6

There are plenty of great stories throughout scripture that demonstrate how God showed up and came through for His people in the most amazing ways. From the story of David in his defeat over Goliath, to King Jehoshaphat in his deliverance from three massive invading armies, to Joshua conquering the fortified city of Jericho, one thing is clear. It was “Not by might, or by power” these great victories were accomplished.

Even in the story of the founding of our country, we see how God showed up and came through to forge this nation. Our founding fathers knew they were being Divinely called to break free from England to be all God was calling them to be. They also knew that this Divine desire for freedom wouldn’t come without a fight. In the years to come they would face the most formidable fighting force in the entire world and won.

In this day of political correctness, you probably won’t hear much about how God showed up and came through in the most miraculous of ways to help our nation in those formative days. From Washington’s miraculous escape from Manhattan Island under the cover of a mysterious fog, to the Native American Indians bringing corn to the Colonial Army saving them from certain starvation, one thing our founders knew is that it wasn’t by their might or power that brought them to victory.

Is there anything in your life that you’ve yet to see defeated that’s held you back? If so, go ahead today and “declare your independence”. Lean on Him and do everything He leads you to do and while doing so, trust Him to do what He will do. Your steps of faith in the direction of victory that He is leading you, will take you into the new place of freedom and blessing He has for you.

And, on those days that you may feel discouraged, just know that it is “not by your might and not by your power, but by His Spirit” that will see you through!

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