The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah. Psalm 46:7

One of the definitions for the word “Selah” in Hebrew is “to pause.” The word “Pause” is defined as causing (someone) to stop and think about something carefully. So, what exactly could the writer of this Psalm, David, want us to “pause” and think about?

Anytime we see the word “LORD” in scripture, it represents the covenant side of God: the side of Him that is always for us, always with us, and always fighting for us. David had many experiences throughout his life when the LORD showed up on His behalf. One of those times we’ve come to know as the story of “David and Goliath.”

Goliath came out taunting the army of Israel and his threats left them paralyzed with fear. No one wanted to step out and take on this massive giant except one “ruddy” little shepherd boy. After gathering five smooth stones, five being the number of grace, he stepped out of the crowd and made his way to the middle of the field where all could see.

An inner confidence rose in David. It wasn’t a self-induced confidence, but rather and Divine confidence. He knew full well that the same LORD who had delivered him from the bear and lion while he was out tending his sheep, would deliver him on this day as well.

It’s one thing to repeat a story, but it’s an entirely different thing to share our own personal testimony of how the LORD showed up when we needed Him most and empowered us with His Spirit to do what we could never do in and of ourselves.

Today, do you have a reason to “pause?” Do you need to stop and take a moment to remember how God came through for you when you needed Him the most? No matter what you may be facing today, you can know for sure that “The LORD of hosts is with you” and He will see you through to victory.  


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