“He showed you these things so you would know that the Lord is God and there is no other.” Deuteronomy 4:35

 Whether it’s a new job opportunity, or new venture of any kind, taking that next step can bring with it feelings of nervousness, anxiety and worry. You know in your heart that God is opening that door, yet uncertainty has its way of creeping in. It’s right there in those moments that we need to take a little trip.

In Deuteronomy, as the children of Israel were getting closer to crossing over into the “Promised Land,” Moses took them on a little trip right down memory lane. The Lord wanted the Hebrews to remember just how He Himself had been with them every step of the way, and just how faithful He had been with them on their journey going all the way back to when He brought them out of Egypt.

So, what is it about taking this trip that’s so important? It reminds us that if our Heavenly Father has so lovingly cared for us and led us through open doors and new places and opportunities before, then He will be faithful to do it again. Sometimes we have nothing but our eyes of faith to lead us into the future, but what makes that faith strong is remembering how faithful our Father has been up till now.

Are you facing a door of opportunity, or feel you are being led to take a new direction? If so, first take a little trip down “memory lane,” and remind yourself of just how faithful God has been to you. As you take that little trip, your faith will increase and hope will arise, helping you take that next step with Him.

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