“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever; and this bread, which I will offer so the world may live, is my flesh.” John 6:51

In 1 Samuel 10, Samuel called all the people of Israel to meet before the Lord at Mizpah, and there Saul was chosen to be Israel’s first king. But when they went to fetch Saul to give him the news, he could not be found. The leaders then consulted with the Lord and He told them, in verse 22, that, “He is hiding among the baggage.” Then verse 23 says, “So they found him and brought him out, and he stood head and shoulders above anyone else.”

 Let’s be honest. If we’re open and transparent, we could all say we have some “baggage.” For some, it’s the hurt of losing a loved one that we’ve never seemed to get over. For another, it could be the scars and feelings of inadequacy that stem from rejection somewhere along the way. For others, there are actual physical things like sickness, injury, or debilitating pain. Though these things may be so, they are not the truth according to God’s Word. And as facts are subject to change, the truth of God’s Word never changes, and in deed will and can change the facts.

So how do we experience the healing that will bring us to a place of being “head and shoulders” above the baggage? That healing and wholeness can only be found as we behold the body and blood or our Savior and keep Him high and lifted up in our hearts and minds. Jesus broke this concept open in John chapter six, but those listening at the moment did not have the spiritual ears to discern what He was saying, and some walked away. Yet, the twelve stayed because as one of them said, “Where would we go, for you have the words of life.”

 Thank God that we have a much clearer understanding, because of Paul’s teachings, as to what the body and blood of Jesus are all about, and how we, as believers, can partake. And every time, and as often as we do, we have the opportunity, in a very literal way, to lift Jesus up high above our personal limitations.

Today, behold and receive the body and blood of Jesus and allow His life-giving power, through the Holy Spirit, to transform you into His image, making you head and shoulders above it all.

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