“So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.”  Romans 5:11

 Do you have a best friend? Someone you love hanging out with and who’s there for you anytime, night or day? Someone that you can come to and just simply be yourself with, with absolutely no need for pretense? Someone who loves you unconditionally and whose love is something in which you feel secure and never doubt? If you have a person like that in your life, then without a doubt you have a tremendous blessing! Another way to describe that kind of friendship is in what I call a “covenant relationship,” and the truth is, you may actually only have just a few of those throughout your entire lifetime.

Would you consider it safe to say that if God is something, or is known as something, that whatever that is, should be considered the very best? Of course, right? If God does something or is something, then without a doubt we can consider Him to be the very best the world has ever known at that particular thing. God is a creator, so it would be safe to say that He is the best creator the world has ever known, and you could go on and on.

Well the truth is that, if the Apostle Paul tells us in God’s Word that we have been made friends with God, it would be more than safe to say that God is the best friend you and me could ever have. Even when compared to any best friend we could know in our lifetime, God is the “all-time best friend” we could ever know. And, what is He known most for in this “best friendship” He has extended to us? Love! His love is the number one attribute and benefit to His friendship. After all, God doesn’t just love, but John tells us that God “is love.” And, according to Psalm 136, His love is a faithful love that last forever!

Today, rest in and enjoy this most incredible and amazing friendship we have been given with the God of all the earth.

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