“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8

We see in 1 Samuel 19 through 24, all doubt had been removed from David’s mind that Saul wanted to kill him. If David had wondered if just maybe it was King Saul’s bad mood that led him to throw a javelin at him twice, or send guards to his house to arrest him, now all doubt was undoubtedlyremoved. Jonathan, King Saul’s son,  confirmed David’s worst fears that, yes indeed, Saul wanted him dead. David’s heart must have sunk in fear as he asked must have asked himself “Why? What did I ever do to him?”

Running in fear for his life, David ran to the town of Nob where  Ahimelech the priest served God. David asked the priest for two things, a sword, and some food. Ahimelech responded by giving  David a sword, but not just any sword. The only sword Ahimelech had access to was the sword  of Goliath  and the Shewbread from the Alter of Presence.

The sword served as a reminder to David that if the Lord had delivered him before, He would certainly do it again. It drew David’s mind back to the day when the odds were so  stacked against him, yet he came out victorious! Now, in his confusion and hurt, with so many questions unanswered, David was reminded that the Lord would fight for him again.

After searching and finding no food to give David, Ahimelech offered him the fresh Shewbread, or the Bread of Presence. This Shewbread, only be eaten by the priest, represented the continual presence of God. This was the second sign David needed to give him encouragement for the long road ahead, he knew God was saying, “I am with you!”

David had no way of knowing then that one day God’s own son, Jesus, would be offered himself on on the cross and become daily bread for His His people. On the night Jesus was betrayed, He took the bread, broke it and gave it to his disciples gathered around the table say, “take, eat, this is My Body broken for you.”  This sign of the New Covenant was  established so that we could partake and receive this reminder as often as we need, remembering what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

Today, taste and see knowing with certainty that Jesus is ever present with you and  always fighting for you.

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