“For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10b

Most folks can remember right where they were the moment they learned the US was under the biggest terrorist attack in our nation’s history. We all stood there in shock, glued to our TV’s, as we saw the first tower fall, and then in complete disbelief as we saw the second tower collapse. As we heard the stories of those trapped in the buildings, and of those on Flight 93 and their last-second phone calls to family, our hearts ached. Then, as a nation, we fell to our knees in prayer. Many prayed to a God they had never talked to much before, asking Him for forgiveness, protection, and unity. God, in His grace, heard our prayers and, as a country, we began to rise from the ashes.

In our weakness, we became strong because we embraced the grace God had given. American patriotism and brotherhood became the fruit as we began speaking to our neighbors, and even strangers in passing, knowing that we were united as Americans.

The Apostol Paul tells us about a strength he came to know that could only be found in weakness. In his weakness, he cried out to the Lord, and God answered him. In essence, God told Paul that the thing he needed he already possessed, and that was His Grace. Paul learned that God’s grace in his life was more than enough to meet any challenge or hardship he faced, and that all he needed to do was embrace that grace.

As a nation we could use another good dose of that patriotism we once knew. At a time in our history where we see more divide than ever, we need to embrace, once again, that grace that we’ve often sung about in “America the Beautiful.” If God really has shed His grace on us, and I know He has, then let us turn to it and embrace it once again. Just as Paul did, let’s be honest and come clean with the admission to ourselves and one another that without Him we are weak, helpless, and hopeless. Then we are positioned to receive the grace and help we need for these times.

Today, and every day, let’s embrace the grace of Jesus Christ.

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