Mathew, Mark, and Luke all record the amazing story of a woman who had a “specific kind of faith.” She needed healing because she had been sick for twelve years and not a single doctor could help her find the cure, which had led her to complete bankruptcy. She heard that Jesus of Nazareth would be passing through her town and His reputation as a “Healer” preceded Him, so her faith rose up. And, as faith often does, it speaks. She said, “If I can just touch the hem of His garment I will be healed.”

In an act of faith, she “pressed through the crowd,” touching His garment and was instantly healed. Jesus stopped and told a disciple that someone had “deliberately” touched Him for He felt virtue, and power, leave Him. This word, deliberately, in the Greek means “to fasten oneself to, or to adhere to, or cling to.”

Jesus then looked at the women and told her to go her way that her faith had made her “whole.” This word “whole” is the word SOZO. Not only did she receive healing that day, but her financial needs were meet as well, all because she “deliberately” received from Jesus.

 I remember several years ago watching my mom go through the diagnosis, and treatment for cancer. I watched as her body grew weak, and tired. She  lost her hair, but she never lost her faith. I watched her grab ahold of the Word of God so deliberately. She believed in her heart that the Lord had told her she would be healed, so she hung onto that word, and the written word about healing until that healing was realized and she was cancer free.

What do you need to see God do in your life, or in a situation near and dear to your heart? Whatever that may be, grab ahold of Gods’ Word, deliberately, and don’t let go! Today let me encourage you to deliberately receive the SOZO you need for any area of life.

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