“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”  Psalm 105:1

I have to admit the struggle was real. Because I had never heard the word, “Sozo,” before, my first thoughts were, “It couldn’t possibly be true.” Surely having grown up in church my whole life someone; some pastor, some Sunday School teacher, some deacon, someone would have told me the complete meaning of what it means to be saved. Even today, as passionate as I am about the full gospel and message of Sozo Salvation, it perplexes me when I share this message with a fellow believer only to see a blank look on their face, but the truth is I shared that same look several years ago myself. If it had not been for the Holy Spirit leading me to the discovery of this truth about the fullness of salvation, I wouldn’t have known either. I thank God that He has since confirmed Sozo to me through others, as well as, and most importantly, through Scripture.

Scripture should and will always be necessary to back up and verify Bible truths. If someone comes to you with a “revelation” that’s not backed up or seen in Scripture, run! Run from it because it’s not from God! That’s why I was so glad when the Lord has shown me such a clear pictures of Sozo Salvation in Scripture, and one such find is in the story of the first Passover, when the children of Israel left Egypt.

Realizing that the Old Testament is chocked full of “types and shadows” that point us to New Testament and New Covenant truths, it is so easy to see that the message of Sozo Salvation all over this story. The Israelites were captives in Egypt, which symbolizes the world, and God wanted to set them free and He did so by the blood of an innocent lamb which represents Jesus. All they had to do was take the blood of that lamb and put it on the door post of their home, which represents the door of our hearts, and they carefully placed the blood at the top and on both sides, which represents the cross. 

That night, the death angel passed over and every home where the blood was applied, was spared and they all left Egypt. David writes in Psalm 105:37, He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble (sick)person among their tribes.” Because they had followed Moses’ instructions given by the Lord and asked all the Egyptians for their treasure, the Israelites left Egypt that night fully supplied and supernaturally healed. They were all completely made whole in every way all because of the lamb. As we see here, this was a picture of New Testament Saved and Salvation for you and me, which is the Greek word, Sozo. Sozo defined is to be saved, healed, delivered, preserved, protected, to be made prosperous and to be made whole. 

Have you accepted The Lamb of God for everything you need? If not, do so today by faith and then, “Let the whole world know what he has done.

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  1. In the New Testament, the altar can serve as a picture of our commitment to the Lord. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called upon to offer our bodies as “living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1), engulfed by the divine gift: the inextinguishable fire of the Holy Spirit.

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