“Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched him. ‘I am willing’, he said. ‘Be healed’!”  Mark 1:41

All of the hoops man had to jump through in the book of Leviticus can be exhausting to read, let alone perform. But that’s exactly what God expected from His people in order to receive the forgiveness, healing, and right standing with God they continually needed. If the proper conditions were not met concerning worship and sacrifices, one could never except to receive from the Lord. All of that changed, hallelujah, when Jesus stepped on the scene. Jesus introduced a new way and a new age. The New Age was the Age of Grace and the New Way was The Kingdom of God. Grace is defined as unmerited, undeserved favor, while the Kingdom of God is defined as God’s way of doing and being.

In the Age of Grace and through the Kingdom of God, Jesus, the clean, would touch an unclean leper and make him whole and clean. Not only was Jesus able to do this, but He was also willing.

This Kingdom was no longer about man getting what he deserved, but instead about man getting what he didn’t deserve, God’s undeserved favor and blessing.  Everywhere Jesus went he healed the sick and opened blinded eyes. The town’s people poured out in droves to see this for themselves, and everywhere Jesus went He repeated these wonderful works of God’s love over and over.

Until Jesus returns for His Bride, the Church, we are still in that same age of Grace that began over two-thousand years ago. And, in this Age of Grace and God’s Kingdom, two truths remain: God is still able, and God is still willing.

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