“I tell you the truth, wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.” Matthew 26:13

 In Matthew 26, we see a woman bursting into the room where Jesus was seated as a dinner guest. As she broke open her expensive box of perfume and used it to anoint Jesus’ feet, the rumble and chatter grew loud, as all were shocked at what they considered a waste of good money. They just simply couldn’t believe that she would “waste” such an expensive treasure that way. But what they didn’t understand was that, in her eyes, this was nothing. The value of the contents in her alabaster box, as expensive as it was, was nothing when compared to the lavish forgiveness she had received from Jesus.  She didn’t hesitate to pour out every last drop on her Lord and Savior as her way of praising Him and giving Him thanks for all He had done for her.

What others thought of as wasteful and over the top, she considered as the least she could do to honor the One who had saved her, and we’re still talking about it even to this day.  Our Father never counts our lavish praise as nothing, but always remembers.

Today, don’t hesitate when it comes to pouring out your priceless praise upon the One who has saved you, forgiven you, and blessed you.


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