And the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” Luke 4:19

I get excited every time I see a rainbow in the sky. When conditions are right and the rays of the sun pierce the clouds, a rainbow can be seen for miles. Many consider it good luck when sometimes a double rainbow is seen. As Genesis tells us, the rainbow is a symbol of God’s everlasting covenant with the earth that it would never be completely destroyed by flood again.

I also get excited when I see another symbol from God; the “bread and wine” of the New Covenant we often call communion. When I hold it in my hands, I’m reminded that I will never be destroyed by judgement to come, because all of God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus instead of me when He died on the cross. But, not only does it signify what I will not experience, it also testifies to what I can have. Wholeness, nothing missing and nothing broken, is one of the definitions of the word “Saved” found in the Greek word “Sozo”.  Jesus went through all He did on the cross so that I wouldn’t have to. 

As Jesus lifted up the bread and cup with His disciples in the upper room that night, He said, “This is the sign of the New Covenant.” All who put their trust in Him have received the “Favor” Jesus spoke of, when He declared His mission in His hometown Temple, “And that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.”

Today, be reminded, when you see the rainbow of God’s promise to the earth and creation, and be reminded when you take communion, of His promises to you!

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