“When all the jars were full, she said to her son, ‘Bring me another one.’ But he replied, ‘There is not a jar left.’ Then the oil stopped flowing.” 2 Kings 4:6

The widow woman in need of a financial miracle after her late husband had left her drowning in a sea of debt, was given clear instructions from God through the Prophet Elisha. And Elisha said, ‘Borrow as many empty jars as you can from your friends and neighbors. Then go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you. Pour olive oil from your flask into the jars, setting each one aside when it is filled’.” 2 Kings 4:3-4

She was only limited by one thing: the number of pots she gathered to pour into. And when the last pot was filled, the oil stopped flowing. Vessels are like people, and if we’re willing, God will always give us something to pour into those He brings in our lives, and He will pour into us through them.

Sure, it’s not easy pouring yourself into others, especially when you wonder if it’s making a difference. But, God wants us to do everything “as unto Him.” Every ounce of ourselves we pour into those around us is seed for our own abundant blessing. He says in Matthew 7:2, “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Every time we pour into others with our time, love, words of encouragement, or our resources and finances, God always resupplies us. This Kingdom Principal will always remain. As long as we are willing to sow and pour into others, we are guaranteed a return.

Look around today. Is there someone to whom God has brought into your life to pour into? If so, then keep pouring. Don’t miss your overflow blessing. Be willing to let Him pour into them through you.

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