“Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!” Psalm 96:1

What’s in a name? A lot, depending upon who, and why the name is given. In Bible times for example, “last names,” which really weren’t last names in the way we think of them, were given to people based on where they were from. For example, when we say, “Jesus of Nazareth,” Nazareth was the name given to Jesus that let everyone know where He was from. In more modern times, like the 15th through 18th centuries, people were often given names based on their occupation or family trade, like “Carpenter” or “Farmer.” Names can be more than random, and often have deep meaning and purpose. 

Throughout scripture, we see moments when God changed someone’s name. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, which literally means “father of many nations.” Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah, which by adding the “ha” sound, God attached grace to Sarah’s name. But, in Judges chapter six God called Gideon by a new name than was complete contradiction to his current state, but rather what God saw Gideon becoming. As Gideon was in hiding, God called him a “mighty man of valor.” 

Our Heavenly Father sees us for what we can become, given our God given potential. And He wants us to see ourselves from that same perspective as well. Seeing ourselves in light of who we really are can also put a new song in our heart. 

Today, God calls us to see ourselves the way He sees us and in the light of who He says we are. Not just humming along with the way world sees us, or how we may even see ourselves, but instead singing a new song that comes from the heart of one that’s been given a new name. 

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