After completing vocational training, my daughter stepped into her new career and was ready for a vehicle upgrade. As my wife and I were helping her walk through the process, we knew that getting a warranty would be a smart thing to do, especially considering that the car she was buying had some extra years and miles on it. I was pleased to discover that this particular dealership, wasn’t offering us a third-party warranty, but their warranty was through their parent-owned company.

Having had to use a warranty several years ago myself, I knew the hassle that could come in dealing a warranty company. So, knowing that the parent-owned company was the one standing behind this warranty certainly gave us some peace of mind. You see, we weren’t just putting our trust in this local dealership, as great as their reputation is, but we were also getting the backing of the much larger parent company which owns many dealerships throughout the southeast.

In John 12:44 Jesus was speaking to a large crowed when He shouted, “If you trust me, you are trusting not only me, but also God who sent me.” He was letting them know that, even if they weren’t sure about Him because He was new to the scene, they could take assurance in knowing that along with Him, they were getting the Father.

Now Jesus by Himself is more than enough, but here in John 12:44 Jesus gives us a promise that when we put our trust in Him, we are doubly secure. We can have confidence that comes from knowing we can count not only on Him, but also on our Heavenly Father, who sent Him.

Today, rest in the two-for-one promise of Jesus, knowing that together He and the Father have you completely covered.

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