Psalm 119:49 says, “Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope.” 

 In 2 Samuel 9 we see the story of Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan and grandson of King Saul. As a young child, Mephibosheth was dropped by his caretaker as she fled Israel at the news of Saul and Jonathan’s deaths, and now he was crippled and lived in constant fear in a place called Lo-debar. He lived in fear because of the assumption that if King David knew he was alive, then he would surely want to kill him so that he would never be a threat to David’s throne. But that was never David’s heart. In fact, David loved Mephibosheth because of the love he had for his father, Johnathan. David did everything within his kingly power to bless Mephibosheth, restoring his inheritance and making a permeant seat for Mephibosheth at his own table. 

Lo-debar, in Hebrew, literally means “no word or no pasture.” Sadly, many believers find themselves in the same place as Mephibosheth. Because our adversary has been so successful at keeping the full gospel message of Sozo Salvation from us, we find ourselves crippled and living in a place where there’s “no word.” 

Many of us have never heard the full truth about all that Jesus came to give us. And, just like Mephibosheth, we can have misconceptions of our Heavenly Father’s heart toward us and therefore never truly “pasture” in His abundant goodness for us. Because of erroneous and incomplete teaching, we are often led to believe that God is never quite pleased with us, and that He may even be mad at us for something we’ve done, not done, or not done enough.

Today, don’t allow the deception of religious tradition keep you away from the table of the Father’s abundant grace and provision. Because of Jesus, we can always come to the table!

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